Medical Malpractice

At trial, Keith was extremely well prepared and presented a persuasive account of the facts with integrity and emotion.

The opposing lawyer often looked embarrassed when Keith's far greater preparation was obvious to the jury.

Drew Durlacher
Brooklyn, NY

A few years ago, I was misdiagnosed when a pathologist failed to identify cancer in a biopsy. When the cancer was finally diagnosed two years later, it had spread and my prognosis had worsened. Attorney Halpern thoroughly investigated my case and gave me an honest opinion on my legal options. He filed a suit on my behalf and pursued the case vigorously and skillfully. He and his staff were always available and supportive during this difficult legal and medical process. Not only did he negotiate and obtain a generous settlement for me, but he gave me a sense of justice for the doctor's negligence. My son and I are grateful to Attorney Halpern for his hard work, attention and effort, and would wholeheartedly recommend his firm and services to anyone in need.

Cambridge, MA

I owe a world of thanks to Attorney Keith Halpern for his honest, professional and aggressive approach to winning my medical malpractice case. I was able to put a dark chapter in my life behind me and find the justice I was seeking. Keith showed genuine care for both myself and my family, which meant the world to me regardless of the outcome of my case. Keith was very forthright with me about the difficulties and complicated law involved. He continued to pursue the case passionately over the years that passed as we waited for a trial, as he knew that my life was impacted adversely. At trial, Keith was extremely well prepared and presented a persuasive account of the facts with integrity and emotion. The opposing lawyer often looked embarrassed when Keith's far greater preparation was obvious to the jury. Keith completely slayed the doctor's defense. His combination of professional and courtroom skill, and strong commitment and passion to pursue what is right is why I would recommend Keith to anyone seeking attorney in a medical malpractice case. Also, I recommend him if you want to win.

Drew Durlacher
Brooklyn, NY

For the last 40 years, I have been a professor at M.I.T. In 2001, I used the university's medical service for postoperative care following spinal surgery. Unfortunately, I suffered a post-surgical infection. The physician in charge ignored the symptoms and failed to conduct proper tests or consultations. The effects of the untreated infection were catastrophic. Yet, M.I.T.'s insurer insisted that my doctor had done nothing wrong.

Knowledgeable people repeatedly advised me that I could not win a case against the university.

Fortunately, Keith Halpern agreed to serve as my lawyer. His management of my case was absolutely brilliant and I found his courtroom style breathtaking. (At one point during the trial, a colleague leaned over to me and said, "This is better than a movie.")

Throughout the proceedings I was convinced that Keith was concerned about my well being, financial and otherwise.

An important part of a malpractice trial is the testimony of medical experts. The defense presented a group of doctors, professional defenders of physicians regardless of the merits of the case, some earning considerable income by their testimony.

Mr. Halpern's examination of these supposed experts was eloquent and very effective. They proved to be far less impressive than their credentials implied. Some hadn't read the complete medical records; one proved to be unable to read an MRI. At the end, the stony facade of the defense crumbled. While the jury was deliberating, they finally offered to settle.

Massachusetts is a particularly difficult state to bring a malpractice suit. Many residents are connected to the medical profession and tend to be sympathetic to the doctor regardless of the merits. Most thought I was tilting at windmills to go against a major institution with very deep pockets. Against considerable odds and the general consensus that it was hopeless to fight City Hall, Mr. Halpern presented a remarkable case and we prevailed.

Sheldon Penman, Ph.D.
(Professor Penman has been honored with membership in the National Academy of Sciences)

Linda and I wanted to thank you for the great job you did for us when all the other lawyers left us high and dry after telling us about all these great things they were going to do for us. You never led us on. You told it as it was and with sincerity. That's a quality I did not find with the other three law firms. They gave us tickets to sporting events to make us feel like they really cared about us and you gave us the truth which at times did not always feel good but it was the truth. You helped us get though a really hard time. Where the others gave up and left us you kept on going and came to a settlement which helped us get our lives back on track. We really owe you a great deal of gratitude for sticking in there when all the others had given up.

Stephen J. Frary
Georgetown, MA

Our four-year son was seriously brain-injured because of negligence on the part of an ambulance attendant who was transporting him to the hospital. Through skillful handling of a lawsuit that we filed, Keith Halpern and his associates managed to win us a settlement that has been crucial to our ability to care for our son.

Eric M.
Cambridge, MA


Mr. Halpern,

There are many clichés and expressions that remind us that even in the darkest of times, there will be a light to help light the way. This light will bring clarity, happiness, or peace of some kind. It is safe for us to say that you were the light in our family for the last two and a half years.

Our family is small. Our mother raised the four of us pretty much on her own. It was devastating to her and for us to find out that our one little boy had found himself in a terrible situation. At the age of 16, our brother Manny had found himself being charged for the murder of his close friend, Matthew Collins. Matthew was a young man that often visited our home and whose mother was a friend of ours. This was a tragedy in more ways than one.

For the first year and a half, we waited for answers. It seemed as though we were constantly being pushed back and when our attorney was no longer able to represent Manny, by no fault of ours, we began to feel the darkness setting in. Financially, we were unable to afford private counsel. We were apprehensive to have the court appoint a new lawyer. We believed that our new counsel would be too overwhelmed and too distant to handle this case. We knew it may not have been significant to anyone else, but it was everything to us.

Mr. Halpern, you completely shattered our doubts from our first conversations. You showed true interest, passion, and concern for the situation that we were in. You understood our frustrations, but maintained a realistic and calm demeanor. We all know that this case was a lot of work. You not only did the work of a lawyer, but were also putting together the pieces that crime scene investigators, police officers, and prosecutors could not.

This all came into fruition, during the trial. Again, you displayed true passion and integrity throughout the week and a half trial. You were professional, confident, and showed knowledge of the law and its interpretation. You showed the jury gaps, missing information, and falsehoods in the presentation of the prosecution. When we heard not guilty, it was confirmed that you, Mr. Halpern, had beaten the odds. We were beyond impressed. Family and friends who attended in support continuously complimented your good work. The light was shining bright and broke through all the darkness!

Words can never put into words how much our family is indebted to you. Thanks to you, two young men, both Manny and his co-defendant, Admir, have been given a second opportunity at life. Both families have found peace of mind and hopefully now work can begin to truly find justice for Matthew. Mr. Halpern, have not only rebuilt our faith in the justice system but also our faith in people. There are people out there who continue to fight for justice and advocate for those in need. May your light continue to shine on in all that you do.

Thank you is simply not enough!
Yours truly,
Brockton, MA

Necy Lopes on behalf of myself, Isabel DaRosa, Gabriela Lopes, Manuela Lopes, and the entire DaRosa/Lopes family

Mr. Halpern,

Thank you so much for your defense at my murder trial. I didn't have to do the killing to get convicted. The prosecutor had to prove that I participated in a shoot-out. My case revolved around gang violence and I had worries that the jury would look at me as a "no good street thug." The passion, energy, and effort you put into my defense saved my future. I am out of jail now with a verdict of not guilty on First Degree Murder and Second Degree Felony Murder charges. You dissected my case and found small details that I, myself being in the case, didn't notice. That shows you cared. You are for your clients and you will fight hard for our freedom and legal troubles. I've never seen someone like you in the courtroom. You know what you are doing. I know from dealing with you already that you will put your heart into defending a client. Thanks Keith. May God Bless you. You took care of me when I was rock bottom. I'm only 19 with God and my family and I have you to thank.

Thank you Keith!
Manny Lopes

My name is D. Washington and I was represented by Mr. Halpern fighting a federal drug case. I was looking at a sentence of a little more than 20 years. Although I was facing so much time, Mr. Halpern never sugar-coated anything. He always kept it all the way real which really put me at ease and I respected that a lot. He was always very professional so I knew I was in good hands. The day finally came for my sentencing. I was very nervous standing there in the courtroom, as I am sure any person in my shoes would have been. But once Mr. Halpern got his chance to speak in my behalf that nervousness was gone. He really took charge of the courtroom. I was very impressed and the judge must have been, too, because after all was said and done I was sentenced to only 8 years. I put my trust in Mr. Halpern and I wasn't disappointed. He did an excellent job and I am just grateful Mr. Halpern was my attorney.

D. Washington
San Francisco, CA

My siblings and I found ourselves in need of a lawyer for a very sensitive personal case. Our elderly father had been accused of the rape of a young girl some 15 years ago. There was no evidence aside from the word of the woman. The trial hinged on challenging her credibility. Luck was on our side when we were introduced to Keith Halpern. Until you get into the courtroom, the average person doesn't realize what it takes for a lawyer to present a case and lay the groundwork for his argument. Keith masterfully presented his case to the jury. He completely unraveled the prosecution, the complainant and their witnesses, including a police investigation unit. He carefully and methodically presented so many inconsistencies and impossibilities in the other side's story that the jury was left with no choice but to side with us. Keith obtained all of my father's old medical records and, through the testimony of my father's past doctors, established that the woman's claims were simply not possible. He obtained all of my father's old employment records and showed how they were completely at odds with the woman's story. He really left no stone unturned in searching for evidence. His cross-examination of the woman was excellent - pointing out all of the inconsistencies and false memories without seeming like he was attacking her. The jury was out for only a couple of hours. My father was found not guilty. I am only glad that Mr. Halpern wasn't on the other side of the case. It would be hard to imagine a more professional, thorough and competent attorney than Keith Halpern.

John G.
Reading, MA

Keith is an excellent attorney. He took a case that seemed impossible to win. My brother was charged with Murder One. Keith was always available to speak to me. He kept me updated on the case. He was honest and upfront. Keith did everything he said he was going to do and more. Keith won the case with a Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. He was finally able to get my brother the help he deserved. We can't thank Keith enough.

Sincerely, G.M.,
Worcester MA

My ex-girlfriend accused me of rape.  No one could have worked harder at proving my innocence.  When Keith was through asking her his questions, even the prosecutor knew that she was lying and dropped the charges.  I walked out of that courtroom because of Keith.  I thank God he was my lawyer.

D. Johnson
Boston, MA

I've found Keith Halpern to be an excellent attorney. He gets back to you when he says he will. When asked for an explanation, he gives it to you in a way that is thorough and complete. Keith deals with his clients in an honest, straightforward manner; without demeaning them. He is NOT the type of lawyer who makes you feel fortunate to breathe the same air as he does, he's a down to earth individual. All these things make him a good lawyer who is easy to deal with. Now let me explain why I consider him far more than just "good".

We've all seen those movies where a young lawyer saves his client from a terrible miscarriage of justice through brilliant legal argument and an excellent understanding of the nuances of the law. Sure you've seen it in the movies but in my case it happened in real life.

I was charged with a felony that I was completely innocent of, conviction would have resulted in up to 20 years in prison. Keith did a superb job on a "Motion to Dismiss"; a document explaining to the court why charging me with that felony was an improper action by the state. Because of the arguments Keith presented, the court ruled that the felony charge was improper and it was dropped. Keith Halpern is an excellent attorney.


Premises Liability

In 1996 I had suffered a bad fall. Keith Halpern helped me through a very difficult time. He won a difficult case against the party responsible for my accident and because of this my life has changed dramatically. Keith Halpern is the best: he is honest, committed, and of the highest integrity.

P.S. and he is a fan of the Boom Boom Band!

Willie Alexander
Gloucester, MA


I have been very pleased with the outcome of cases that Attorney Halpern has handled on my behalf. He is productive, effective, and results oriented. Also, he is completely dedicated to his clients and their welfare. I've always found him to be fair and honest.

Robert M.
Mattapan, MA

In 1996 I became the single parent to our three-year-old daughter when my husband died of colon cancer. Danny, 46, was a Phys. Ed. teacher before his diagnosis. Having decided to be at my husband's deathbed (during hospice care), I took an unpaid three month leave from my position as Director of Children's Services at the Derry (NH) Public Library. I was terminated from my job when my husband's life extended beyond my three month leave. Our medical insurance, through my employer, was stopped and I had to pay exorbitant Cobra rates while having no income. This disastrous financial burden intensified our life crisis to unbearable proportions.

I was advised to research the possibility of a medical malpractice suit. A dear friend gave me Keith Halpern's name. At a time in my life when my self-confidence and hope about the future were at their very lowest point, just coming to Boston to the high rise office building where Keith practiced was daunting.

Keith advised me that although our local doctors had made errors, my husband's death did not warrant a lawsuit because the cancer was so advanced. However, Keith proposed representing me (on contingency) in a wrongful termination suit against my former employer based on the newly enacted Family and Medical Leave Act. The kindness with which Keith explained these concepts to me and the concern he showed for me renewed my hope.

From the initial gathering of information, several newspaper interviews (including the Boston Globe), up to his eventual presentation of my case at a mediation hearing, I was ALWAYS impressed with Keith. His intelligence, tenacity and quick wit are considerable. His compassion and dedication to fighting for what is right make him an exceptional attorney.

I was introduced to the legal system at the saddest time of my life. As Keith presented his eloquent and impassioned statement of my case to the mediator, opposing counsel read the newspaper and made small talk, affirming my disappointment in the legal profession. At a time in our country when lawyers are not highly regarded, I know how lucky I am to have found an ally and even a friend. Not only was Keith successful on my behalf, he will always be a hero to my daughter and me.

With most sincere support and appreciation,

Sharon Curtis Phelan
Kingston, NH

Insurance Disputes

I was a woman alone and I was frightened. I was not able to help myself and Keith helped me. He took a special interest in my case and exercised great initiative in getting benefits for me that I was entitled to. He did more for me than most attorneys could have. I was thrilled with the outcome. I was awarded a disability pension. I am now living a life with dignity, thanks to Keith. I will always be grateful to him for his dedication and commitment to me. Keith saved my life.

Catherine M.
Newton, MA