Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Representation

Relentless Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Representation

For more than 20 years I have been fighting to protect personal injury victims and those charged with crimes in Massachusetts. I excel in personal injury cases for the same reason I excel in criminal defense: I work tirelessly to protect the rights of my clients against large and powerful entities. I routinely work with leading medical and forensic experts. You can rely on me to battle any insurance company or go to court against any prosecutor and stand up for you.

I have built a strong track record of success getting big settlements and jury awards for injured clients as well as not guilty verdicts for criminal defendants. In every case, I work hard to achieve justice for my client. Contact me for an initial consultation about your legal issues.

Personal Injury | Commercial Disputes | Criminal Defense

I handle all sorts of injury and fatal accident cases, including:

I also have a proven record of success in commercial disputes involving:

  • Business litigation: breach of contract, tortuous interference issues, business fraud, partner and shareholder disputes
  • Insurance disputes: involving legitimate claims of being unpaid or under-compensated
  • Consumer litigation
  • Employee civil rights

State and Federal Criminal Defense

Aggressive criminal defense can go in many different directions. Witnesses may be lying. An eyewitness may be mistaken. The government's forensic evidence may be unreliable. A police search may have been illegal. With the help of investigators and experts, I pursue any and every defense that may help. For example, I have been successful getting evidence suppressed in many criminal cases when the police violated my clients' rights. I handle all types of criminal cases for adults and college students at both the state and federal levels, such as:

For an initial consultation, contact me online, call me at (617) 722-9952 in greater Boston.