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State and Federal Criminal Defense

At my Boston, Massachusetts law office of Keith Halpern, Attorney at law, I am committed to providing clients with the strongest, most effective criminal defense representation possible. I strive to protect my clients' rights, freedom and future. Contact my criminal law office to schedule a consultation.

I was looking at a sentence of a little more than 20 years . . . I walked out of that courtroom because of Keith. I thank God he was my lawyer.

D. Johnson
Boston, MA

I have over two decades of experience representing clients in the state and federal courts in Massachusetts. I provide vigorous criminal law representation in cases involving misdemeanors and felonies, such as:

  • Drug charges: I use aggressive strategies at trial when defending clients facing federal drug charges or charges of state drug crimes, such as drug distribution, narcotics trafficking, and conspiracy.
  • Internet sex crimes: I use leading experts and analysts in cases involving computer or Internet sex crimes, such as possession of child pornography or Internet solicitation of a minor.
  • Sex offenses: I handle each case involving sex offenses, such as rape, sexual assault or child sex crimes, with care and diligence. I work to preserve my clients' rights, reputation and future.
  • White collar crimes: When clients are under investigation or have been arrested for white collar crimes, such as business fraud, conspiracy or embezzlement, I move quickly to prevent investigations from continuing and work hard to resolve all criminal charges.
  • Property crimes: I have effectively represented clients facing charges for various property crimes in the Boston area. I handle cases involving burglary, robbery, theft, identity theft, vandalism and other property crimes.
  • Violent crimes: I defend clients arrested for violent criminal acts, such as assault, aggravated assault, weapons violations, sexual assault, robbery and other violent crimes.
  • Murder/homicide: I have exceptional experience representing clients facing murder, homicide or attempted murder charges, including cases involving the insanity defense.

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