Arson Crimes

Arson Criminal Defense Lawyer For Massachusetts

Boston and Wellesley criminal defense attorney Keith Halpern represents individuals who have been accused of arson or are the target of an arson investigation. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, all fires are deemed suspicious until ruled otherwise. Law enforcement officials and fire marshals scrutinize every fire scene to determine whether there are signs of intentional ignition and investigate whether anyone had a motive to burn the building down. Many experienced business owners utilize the services of an arson defense attorney just to make certain that they do not become the subject of erroneous accusations. If you are under investigation or have been arrested for arson in greater Boston, or anywhere in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, contact Keith Halpern, Attorney at Law, immediately to discuss your case.

Arson Crimes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Arson accounts for billions of dollars in property damage every year and can frequently be deadly. Because of the substantial impact that fires have on communities around Boston and other Massachusetts municipalities, law enforcement officials and fire marshals are frequently overzealous in their pursuit of suspected arsonists. With the large insurance payments that are often involved, it is not uncommon for a business owner or homeowner to be wrongly accused of setting fire to their own property. It can be critical to have an experienced criminal defense attorney involved from the beginning, to assist in communications with law enforcement and, if warranted, to arrange for an independent arson investigation. Attorney Halpern has been successful in convincing law enforcement that arson charges were unwarranted based on such independent investigation. In one case, a client found guilty at trial and sentenced to years in prison while represented by another lawyer, had the conviction thrown out based on an investigation and appeal conducted by Attorney Halpern. Contact him to discuss the details of your particular arson case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Arson Cases in Suffolk, Middlesex and all Massachusetts Counties

During an initial arson investigation, it is routine for a fire marshal, police officer, or insurance investigator to question individuals about the circumstances of the fire. Many property owners and employees have unwittingly implicated themselves in arson crimes while trying to be cooperative with the investigation. Regardless of guilt or innocence, you should consult with an experienced arson criminal defense lawyer before agreeing to be interviewed by law enforcement. Attorney Keith Halpern represents individuals at all phases of an arson investigation — from the initial interview to the trial.

Attorney Halpern's experiences in handling arson cases led to his publishing articles in journals focused on arson:
"Use of Experts in Arson Cases," Fire Litigation Quarterly, and "Handling a Fire Loss of Incendiary Origin," Journal of National Association of Private Insurance Adjusters. Attorney Halpern has appeared as a guest speaker at conventions and seminars held by insurance adjusters and investigators.

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