Drug Distribution

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Greater Boston And Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer For Drug Crimes

With over thirty years of criminal defense experience in Massachusetts state and federal courts, Keith Halpern, Attorney at Law, has successfully defended hundreds of clients in drug trafficking and distribution cases. Whether you were found in possession of a controlled substance, had control over drug trafficking proceeds, or have been charged with involvement in a drug distribution conspiracy, you need to retain the services of a criminal defense lawyer familiar with both the Massachusetts and the federal criminal justice systems. Harvard trained attorney Keith Halpern has been defending clients against narcotics trafficking charges since the term "War on Drugs" was coined in the late 1980s. Contact our Suffolk or Norfolk County law office immediately to discuss the charges pending against you.

State and Federal Drug Trafficking

Regardless of whether you have been charged with drug distribution at the state level or you are the subject of a federal indictment, you need a criminal defense attorney with a history of handling and winning drug cases, large and small. State and federal drug offenses can carry decades of imprisonment and not all criminal defense lawyers are familiar with the nuances of these cases. Among the types of cases that Boston attorney Halpern handles for his clients are:

  • Federal and state drug trafficking offenses
  • Narcotics distribution
  • Armed drug trafficking
  • Importation of illicit substances
  • Money Laundering
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Cultivation of Illegal Substances
  • Prescription Drug Crimes

There are many ways in which drug charges can be fought. Attorney Halpern has a track record of achieving dismissals based on motions to suppress illegal searches of homes and cars. He has successfully challenged law enforcement's interpretation of wiretapped phone calls. In federal cases, where the Government has enormous resources and typically brings cases that involve wiretaps, surveillance video, informants, and hand-to-hand buys with undercover agents, it is critical to have an attorney with expertise in the complexities of federal sentencing. Navigating the federal sentencing guidelines to achieve the best possible outcome is an art that demands skill and experience. Attorney Halpern has achieved some of the largest downward departures from the federal sentencing guidelines over the past 20 years. Contact our Boston or Wellesley law office to discuss the circumstances of your case immediately.

Private Criminal Defense Lawyer For Suffolk, Middlesex and all Massachusetts Counties

Many individuals who have been arrested for lower level drug charges make the mistake of taking a drug trafficking charge for heroin, cocaine, or cannabis too lightly. Taking a plea, even a very favorable deal, on a case that might have been beaten can come back to haunt you. Sentences jump dramatically for repeat offenses. It's important that you take a proactive approach to your defense, and retain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer with the ability to fight the charges. In the areas surrounding Boston and throughout eastern Massachusetts, that means hiring Keith Halpern, Attorney at Law. To schedule an appointment with Mr. Halpern, call (781) 325-4805.