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Criminal charges for sexual assault, rape, Internet solicitation or another sex offense can destroy your reputation and your future. When facing such serious life consequences, it is essential to have an experienced attorney on your side who will advocate for your rights and future. At Keith Halpern, Attorney at Law, I know that not everyone who has been accused of a crime has actually committed that crime. I also believe that anyone accused of a crime deserves the strongest and most effective defense possible. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation.

Our elderly father had been accused of the rape of a young girl some 15 years ago. Luck was on our side when we were introduced to Keith Halpern. Keith masterfully presented his case to the jury. He completely unraveled the prosecution, the complainant and their witnesses, including a police investigation unit. The jury was out for only a couple of hours. My father was found not guilty. It would be hard to imagine a more professional, thorough and competent attorney than Keith Halpern.

John G
Reading, MA

Experienced Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

For more than 20 years, I have defended clients accused of serious crimes, such as rape, in Federal and Massachusetts State court systems. I have a record of success in getting evidence suppressed on scientific and technical grounds, including DNA tests and other physical and electronic evidence, as well as an ability to convince a judge to impose a sentence well below the sentencing guidelines.

I have the experience and skill to represent clients accused of all types of sexual assault charges, including:

In addition, I have the knowledge and resources to handle complex sex offense cases which involve multiple charges, such as rape charges in conjunction with murder/homicide charges or charges for Internet solicitation in conjunction with charges for possession of child pornography and statutory rape.

Repressed Memory in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

I have particular skill in so-called repressed memory cases — in which the alleged victim makes an allegation of sexual assault years after the event supposedly took place. The scientific knowledge questioning the existence of repressed memory has been rapidly growing, and I stay informed of the latest developments. In these cases, I utilize the expertise of some of the nation's leading experts in the field to refute the prosecution's assertions regarding repressed memories of sexual abuse in childhood.

Protect Your Rights, Reputation and Future

As a knowledgeable and experience sexual assault defense lawyer, I do not mislead my clients as to the gravity of the charges against them. But such charges can be successfully overcome. I will emphatically defend your rights and your freedom. I also provide each client with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

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