Commercial Disputes

Boston Commercial Dispute Attorney

At Keith Halpern, Attorney at Law, I represent businesses and individuals in all types of business and commercial disputes, including:

I was looking at a sentence of a little more than 20 years... I walked out of that courtroom because of Keith. I thank God he was my lawyer.

D. Johnson
Boston, MA

  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Partner and shareholder disputes
  • Consumer litigation
  • Property damage disputes
  • Business fraud
  • Business torts
  • And others

Past cases have involved a roofer who set my client's house on fire, faulty auto repairs, and a landscaper whose diseased plantings were dead within weeks. The largest recovery I have achieved — $7.2 million — was awarded in a case involving a real estate developer who defrauded my client.

As a lawyer experienced in successfully handling commercial disputes, I know to take the time to carefully consider all aspects of my client's situation. During the initial case evaluation, I explain the legal process to the client, possible legal strategies, and what it will take to achieve results for the client. Then we decide if litigation is the best course of action. Sometimes, it makes sense to attempt to achieve an acceptable result through negotiation with the other party or its attorney.

In this situation, I make sure that I commence the negotiation process from a position of strength. In other cases, it makes sense to prepare for trial and assertively pursue litigation. In either situation, I take care to fully investigate the facts of the matter, and apply them to the law. When needed, I can call upon a range of financial experts and other specialists who can provide insights and persuasive testimony.

Litigation is expensive. But sometimes it is the best way to achieve a result that the client can live with. If we decide to undertake a lawsuit, I will tenaciously pursue the litigation with the aim of achieving a just and workable result.

For a initial consultation with me, Keith Halpern, about resolving your commercial dispute, call (617) 722-9952, or contact me online.